Cayuga Lake Amphipod Sampling!

On Wednesday, while eagerly awaiting the arrival of Alaskan sea stars, Kalia tagged along with the Hairston lab’s final lake sampling trip of the season. Cayuga Lake is midway through a prolific fall diatom bloom, the water a dark green color. Due to windy conditions, Lindsay focused on keeping the whaler stable while we dropped vertical plankton tows, sechhi disks, depth-integrated samplers and other sensors. Finally we dropped a sediment grab to collect live Diporeia. The grab (ponar) acts as a claw, held open by a pin that disengages when the device hits the bottom of the lake. Upon release, the ponar fires, scooping out a chunk of silt and recalcitrant material – and crustaceans. Pulling up a grab full of sediment without a winch is a workout, but it was well worth it: we came back to the lab with over 60 live Diporeia, a few carboys of lake water, and one happy TAV member.


Next steps? Challenge Diporeia with a mixed viral inoculate, check out their lipid content, and procrastinate by watching them ride the aquarium’s bubbler like an amusement park Ferris Wheel.

Thanks Nelson and Lindsay!

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