Washington Stars

Microbial Ecology of Sea Star Wasting Disease

Our Alaskan sea stars continue to do ok. They have been eating well, and our ammonium levels are now down below the critical threshold where it is toxic, so we forge on with plans to perform experiments next week. Unfortunately, one of our larger stars started to show signs of extreme stress early Thurs- the animal had exuded part of its pyloric caeca through an injury experienced during the FedEx shipment, and sadly by Friday morning it had dropped a leg. We made the hard decision to move it to the ICU tank, unfortunately we don’t expect it to make it.

image Dropped an arm…

On Friday morning we received a shipment of healthy looking animals from Lesanna Lahner of the seattle aquarium. Lesanna had noted these animals had disease signs about 2 weeks ago, but at the moment they looked ok.

image  Sea stars via FedEx… This time they made…

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