Australian Expedition Day 3: Up to Brisbane

This morning the team slept in later than usual (7am) and awoke to a magically beautiful day in Manly. After a couple hours of email (seems to be a pattern), Ian, Kalia and Elliot departed Manly en route to the Sydney Airport, where they boarded a flight to Brisbane. But not before seeing some amazing sights on Sydney Harbor – so many boats! The flotilla has arrived for the 2015 Sydney to Hobart race, with not a square meter to spare on the harbor itself!


Busy day on the harbour…


Busy day at circular quay…

After the 1 hrs flight up to Brisbane the team settled into new digs in Albion, before going shopping for essentials and having a bit of lunch. Shortly after, the team took a tour around Boondall Wetlands and Shorncliffe, two northern suburbs of Brisbane. Unfortunately, it was high tide and there was not much to see in the intertidal zone, but plans were laid for tomorrow’s activities at low tide.


The team on the plane


Shorncliffe by evening

One peculiarity of being back in Brisbane: this evening sees night racing at the racetrack, which is immediately next to the apartment hotel at which we are staying…


TAV meets racing?

Tomorrow we plan to survey intertidal inverts at Wellington Point, as well as take care of some obligatory Australian experiences, like hugging a koala at Lone Pine. Then the real work begins…


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