Australia Expedition Day 9 -12: A Weekend at Home and Fishing

On Friday, Kalia, Ian and Elliot wrapped up fieldwork at the Moreton Bay Research Station, North Stradbroke Island, by packing up samples and gear and departing the island. But not before stopping at a local favourite rec spot – Brown Lake.

Brown Lake, NSI. Kalia on right collecting amphipods (or at least looking for them…).

The team can’t thank enough the fantastic staff at the MBRS – what an amazing research station and fantastic people. In context of our current research, Ian had quite a few great ideas for student projects which are unparalleled for Cornell undergrads!

After a brief stop in Brisbane to drop off samples in liquid N2, the team drove north to Noosa Heads, which is where Ian’s family home is located. It was time for some R&R after 10 days on the road. Saturday, the weather wasn’t the best, but Kalia and Elliot managed to head out and about town for some sightseeing, as well as spend time on the beach. Elliot’s also been tackling take-home finals for his classes – hard to do when in such stimulating habitats!

Sunday the weather improved, but unfortunately offshore fishing was canceled. However, the team made the most of the day by hiking/running through the national park and enjoying a bit of sunshine.

Monday, fishing was again canceled, so Ian, Kalia and Elliot instead took part in a half day river fishing safari. This was an opportunity to see local fish habitats – and were not disappointed by the results! Ian and Kalia each caught a big flathead (dinner!), while Elliot caught a few bream and moses perch, which were too small to eat but still interesting to catch! The team also saw some pretty impressive sting rays up the river.


Tomorrow the team continues its northwards migration to Gladstone, which is the hopping off point to Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef. It’s an exciting time for the team – much refreshed after a few days of rest. The photos from the next few days will probably be national geography worthy…



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