Cruise Day 1: Testing Approach and First Observations

Microbial Ecology of Sea Star Wasting Disease

The morning started at 6:45 (well, Ian was up at 4am… thanks jet lag!) as the crew met for breakfast and proceeded to the dock at the University of Washington pre-dawn for an 8 am departure. After arriving on the Barnes, the team received a safety briefing from Captain Ray before setting sail. The vessel transited from the UW dock to the lock from Lake Union (freshwater) to Shilshole Bay, which took about 90 minutes, which afforded the team time to adjust to the vessel’s labs, as well as provide amazing just-after-dawn views of Seattle. Fortunately the weather seems to be cooperating – glassy conditions, sunshine, and mild temperatures – fingers crossed it stays like this the whole trip!

After a short transit, the team arrived at their first site. The first station on any cruise is a bit of “where’s my stuff!” “how do we do this” “what…

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