The team has many awesome collaborators around the world! Here’s a list of several with whom we currently collaborate. We’re always looking for new collaborative opportunities, so if you have an idea please contact us!

Mya Breitbart, University of South Florida

Seagrass viromics and virus discovery

Christina Kellogg, USGS St Petersburg

Diadema antillarum mass mortality

Kevin Kocot, University of Alabama

Bioinformatic mining of invertebrate transcriptomes for novel RNA viruses

Carolyn Lundquist, NIWA

Seagrass viromes in Zostera muelleri

Joel Markis, University of Alaska Southeast

Sea cucumber viruses and wasting disease

Keizo Nagasaki, Kochi University

Seagrass viromes in Zostera japonicus

Pete Raimondi, UC Santa Cruz

Sea star wasting disease

Thierry Work, USGS Honolulu

Disease biology and histopathology

Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment

Diadema mass mortality