Student Opportunities

The Team Aquatic Virus is always looking for excited, engaged and enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate researchers to join the lab. Navigate through our Current Projects page to find information on the types of research we perform, and if that excites you, find out here how you can join the lab! We welcome students and postdocs from diverse experience and perspectives.

High School Students

The lab normally engages high school students in research through the BOCES New Visions Program

Undergraduate Students

The team engages Cornell students in Biology, Animal Sciences, Environmental and Sustainability, and Earth and Atmospheric Sciences majors (and possibly others, too!) through research-for-credit (i.e. BioG2990/4990). Each year the team receives many more applicants than we’re able to accommodate. We usually recruit students through participation in class (BioMI 3500 / EAS 3555 – Marine Microbes and Disease), so if you’re interested in working in the lab then it’s a good idea to take this class!

In addition, the lab engages students from both Cornell and other institutions through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program for summer research. If you’re interested in current projects, please contact the PI for opportunities.

Graduate Students

Graduate students in the Team Aquatic Virus come through Cornell’s graduate programs in Microbiology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Natural Resources. If you’re interested in joining the lab, but do not carry your own fellowship support please contact the PI about available funding or other opportunities. Here are a couple of links to funding and fellowship opportunities available outside of Cornell:

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship



Postdocs may find support for their work in the Team Aquatic Virus through several competitive channels. The National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography panel now offers postdoctoral fellowships to work with PIs who are currently funded through the panel. If you’re interested in working with the team on our currently funded projects, please contact the PI!

ACSF Sustainability Innovation Leaders

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