Great Lakes sampling in 2014

Elliot traveled aboard the EPA R/V Lake Guardian as part of the long-term Great Lakes monitoring survey. As part of this survey, scientists from various research institutes around the Great Lakes region take samples from all 5 Great Lakes to for chemical, physical and biological measurements. Elliot was a part of the summer cruise in 2014 to collect Diporeia for the on-going project in the lab studying the prevalence, diversity, distribution and impact of CRESS-DNA viruses in benthic amphipods.Michigan_Tech_Lk_Guardian1

Publications from this Expedition:

Bistolas KSI., Rudstam L.G., Hewson I., (2017) “Gene expression of benthic amphipods (genus: Diporeia) in relation to a circular ssDNA virus across two Laurentian Great Lakes” PeerJ, 5:e3810

Bistolas KSI, Jackson EW, Watkins JM, Rudstam LG, Hewson I (2017) “Distribution of circular single stranded viruses associated with benthic amphipods of the genus Diporeia in the Laurentian Great Lakes”. Freshwater Biology. 62:1220-1237