Past Projects

USGS Sea star wasting disease epidermis

NSF-OCE 153711 Microbial ecology of sea star wasting disease

NSF-1737127 Collaborative Proposal: Selection and Genetic Succession in the Intertidal – Population Genomics of Pisaster ochraceus During a Wasting Disease Outbreak and its Aftermath

NSF-OCE 1356964 Biogeochemical and Ecological Impacts of Amphipod Circoviruses in Great Lakes and Southern California

NSF-OCE 0961894 Life in the Dead Zone: Microbial respiration, production, diversity and gene expression in seasonally anoxic estuarine waters

NSF-OCE 1049670 Discovery of viruses infecting marine Copepoda

NSF-DEB 1112648 Exploration of the presence and ecological significance of viral pathogens in the dynamics of Daphnia, a major pelagic grazer

USDA/FFF Allochthonous viruses of agricultural origin in New York State freshwater resources