Courses Taught

Interested in learning more about microbiology, especially in aquatic habitats? Ian teaches the following classes at Cornell University:

BioMI 1100 -Locker Rooms, Kitchens and Bedrooms: The Microbiology of College Life – Sp 3 cr

BioMI 3500 – Biological Oceanography and Ocean Biogeochemistry – Sp 3 cr

BioMI 6906 – Viral Diversity and Ecology – Sp 1 cr


Ian also regularly makes an appearance in the following classes:

EAS 1540 – Introduction to Oceanography, F 4 cr

BioEE 1610 – Ecology and the Environment, Sp 3 cr

BioEE 3500 – Marine Ecosystem Dynamics, F 3 cr

BioEE 4620 – Marine Ecosystem Sustainability, F 3 cr


…and if you’re interested in learning ice hockey, Ian sometimes helps with:

PE 1550/1551 – Ice Hockey, F, Sp, 1 cr

Ian advises in the following undergraduate majors:

Biological Sciences

Environment and Sustainability

Graduate Students in the lab come through the following graduate programs:

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Natural Resources