Hawaii Tropical Field Ecology Expedition 2013

In January 2013, Ian, Julie and Erin traveled to the Big Island, Hawaii to participate in Cornell Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Tropical Field Ecology class. During the class, students performed group research projects. The marine group (made up of Sam Chamberlain, Senifa Annandale, Katie Kaplan, Maria Modanu, and Katie Sirriani, examined the diversity and distribution of pelagic cyanobacteria around the island. In addition, Ian collected sample of urchin and crown-of-thorns starfish for later metaviromic analyses.

Work published from this expedition/class:

Chamberlain SD, Kaplan KA, Modanu M, Sirianni KM, Annandale S, Hewson I (2014) “Biogeography of planktonic and benthic cyanobacteria in coastal waters of the Big Island, Hawai’I” FEMS Microbiology Ecology 89: 80-88

Gudenkauf BM,Eaglesham JB, Aragundi WM, Hewson I (2014) “Occurrence and environmental distribution of urchin-associated densoviruses (Parvoviridae) in coastal waters of the Big Island, Hawaii” Journal of General Virology 95: 652-658