R/V Hugh F Sharp Cruise – July 2010

Ian, Alex Wolverton, and Ted Hermann participated in a 6 day cruise from Easton, MD to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on board the R/V Hugh F. Sharp, examining terminal electron acceptor usage in bacterioplankton transitioning from oxic to anoxic conditions via metatranscriptomics. Here are some photos of the expedition.

Publications from this Expedition:

Hewson I, EgglestonEM, DohertyM, LeeDY, OwensM, ShapleighJP, CornwellJC, Crump BC (2014) “Metatranscriptomic analyses of plankton communities inhabiting surface and sub-pycnocline waters of the Chesapeake Bay during oxic-anoxic-oxic transitions” Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80: 328-338