Fayetteville Green Lake Sampling Expedition October 2010

The lab traveled to Fayetteville Green Lake in October 2010 to study thrombolitic bioherms and planktonic viruses as part of a wider study on agricultural viruses in upstate NY freshwater lakes. Below are several photographs from the trip.

Publications from this Expedition:

Hewson I, Barbosa JG, Brown JM, Donelan RP, Eaglesham J, Eggleston EM, LaBarre BA (2012) ” Temporal dynamics and decay of putatively allochthonous and autochthonous viral genotypes in contrasting freshwater lakes “ Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 6582 – 6591

Eaglesham JB, Hewson I (2013) “Widespread detection of eukaryotic circular ssDNA viral genotypes in estuarine, coastal and open ocean net plankton” Marine Ecology Progress Series 494: 55-64