New Preprint on Sea Star Wasting – It’s all about the Boundary Layer

After many years of concerted investigation, the team and some colleagues now have multiple, convergent lines of evidence to suggest that sea star wasting disease is a sequela of organic matter remineralization (and subsequent hypoxic conditions) in the boundary layer overlying respiratory surfaces. We see this reflected in microbiome trends during wasting (copiotrophs –> anaerobes).… Read More New Preprint on Sea Star Wasting – It’s all about the Boundary Layer

Mini-Review on Marine Coronaviruses

Gideon Mordecai (UBC) and I have recently published a mini-review on marine coronaviruses in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. While not much is known about the true diversity of coronaviruses in marine ecosystems (because they are hugely under-sampled), we can learn about how they may behave in marine habitats through other enveloped, ssRNA viruses.

Postdoc Fellowship!

Any postdocs want to come and work with me? Here’s a great opportunity for funding from the Simons Foundation: Broadly, any projects should be focused around microbial ecology – so probably NOT projects related to disease pathobiology. Ideas for viable projects include: Virus-zooplankton interactions; Viral-biofoulant (e.g. barnacles, tunicates, etc) interactions; Microbiology of metazoan diseases;… Read More Postdoc Fellowship!